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Prime Finserve is your comprehensive destination for unlocking financial opportunities. We specialize in a diverse range of services, including loans, insurance, and investments, all tailored to empower your financial journey.

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Empowering Your Financial Journey with Prime Finserve's Comprehensive Services.

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Committed to Excellence Since Our Inception in July 2023, Prime Finserve Empowers Your Financial Journey with a Diverse Range of Services, including Bank Products, Loans, Insurance, and Tax Services, Creating a Seamless and Rewarding Customer Experience

Bank Product

Explore our range of banking products, from savings and checking accounts to loans and investment opportunities. Secure your financial future today.


Discover comprehensive insurance coverage, safeguarding your health, property, and loved ones. Explore our insurance solutions for peace of mind.


Access flexible loans for diverse needs, including personal, home, auto, and business financing. Competitive rates and tailored solutions for your financial goals.

Tax assistance

Simplify taxation with expert assistance. We provide tax planning, filing, and compliance services for individuals and businesses to optimize financial responsibilities.

About Prime Finserve

Empowering Financial Success Since July 2023

At Prime Finserve, we are your trusted partners in achieving financial excellence. Our journey, which began in July 2023, has provided you with a comprehensive range of financial services. We take pride in our commitment to your financial well-being, offering a diverse portfolio of services that encompass bank products, loans, insurance solutions, and tax services.

Bank Products: Experience convenience and security with our carefully curated selection of bank products. Whether you’re looking for personalized savings accounts, demat accounts, or credit cards or any fixed deposit, we’re here to guide you towards the right financial choices.

Loans: Turn your dreams into reality with our tailored loan offerings. From home loans; business loans, loan against property & even personal loan,

Insurance: Protect what matters most with our comprehensive insurance plans. We understand the importance of safeguarding your loved ones and assets. We provide a wide range of insurance services.

Tax Services: Navigating the complexities of taxation can be challenging. Let our experts handle it for you. We offer professional tax services consultation along with other business-related assistance like GST etc.


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services we offer

We promise to give you an excellent experience.


Prime Finserve offers a comprehensive range of loan solutions tailored to meet diverse financial needs. Whether it’s personal, home, auto, or business loans, we provide competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options. Our dedicated team assists clients in choosing the right loan type, guiding them through the application process


We understand the importance of safeguarding your assets and loved ones. Our insurance services encompass a variety of plans including health, life, property, and vehicle insurance. Our expert advisors help clients assess their insurance needs, select the most suitable coverage, and ensure a seamless claims process during critical times.

Income Tax Assistance

Navigating the complexities of taxation can be daunting. Our income tax assistance service simplifies the process. We offer expert tax planning, filing, and compliance services to individuals and businesses. Our goal is to optimize tax liabilities while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Website Solutions

In the digital age, having a strong online presence is essential. Prime Finserve offers end-to-end website solutions tailored to financial and business needs. Our services include website design, development, and optimization. We create user-friendly, responsive, and visually appealing websites that convey professionalism and engage visitors effectively.

WhatsApp Integration for Businesses

Stay connected with your customers through the world’s most popular messaging platform. Our WhatsApp integration services empower businesses to enhance customer engagement, offer real-time support, and streamline communications. From automated responses to personalized interactions, we enable businesses to harness the power of WhatsApp for seamless communication.

Personal Loans

Offering flexible financial solutions, our personal loans provide quick access to funds for various needs. With competitive interest rates and customizable repayment terms, you can achieve your goals while enjoying financial stability. Apply easily and experience the convenience of tailored lending with us.


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Is someone in your friend circle looking for loan / insurance or some other financial product? You can help them by directing them to Us and in return you can earn extra money (subject to bank approval)

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Send us an email on with subject line as Prime Finserve Sub-Associate along with your name, current occupation, and valid mobile nos. or whatsapp us Our team will contact you for further discussion.


Frequently Asked Questions

Prime Finserve is a financial services company established in 2023. We are committed to reshaping how individuals and businesses approach their finances.

We offer a comprehensive range of financial services, including loans, insurance, investments, and tax assistance. Our mission is to empower our clients with the tools they need for modern finance.


We promise to give you an excellent experience.

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"Prime Finserve's application process amazed me. Their team was professional, friendly, and attentive. They understood my needs, guiding me to the ideal loan. With their help, I secured funds for my dream business. I highly recommend Prime Finserve for their expertise and exceptional service."
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"Prime Finserve surpassed my home loan expectations. The process felt effortless as their team simplified complexities. Patiently addressing my questions and aiding in selecting the perfect loan, their personalized dedication truly stood out. Thanks to Prime Finserve, we're proud homeowners."
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"Skeptical about a personal loan, Prime Finserve transformed my view. Their transparent approach and competitive rates grabbed my interest. The application was easy, and timely updates kept me informed. Prime Finserve's team treated me as a valued partner, not just a customer, in reaching my financial goals."